Attached files

The documentation you must attach is as follows. The maximum size of all the files is 8 Mb. The allowed extensions are: pdf,jpg,png,doc,docx,tiff,odt,zip,rar,txt

  • Payment receipt:

    To obtain the previous offer write to

  • Declaration/Authorization of the rest of the joint representatives:

    To obtain the document, download the template at the following link, fill in the fields and have the rest of the joint representatives sign the document by clicking on the boxes: Joint representatives template

  • CIF of the entity:

  • Organizational Operating Regulations of the entity:

  • Appointment publication in the Official Gazette or Journal:

    Publication in the Official Gazette of the owner/custodian position appointment, where their legal capacity to represent the entity or explicit delegation document digitally signed by the person responsible for this capacity can be proved, including the documentation to verify said capacity (appointment of the responsible for the delegation).

  • Certificate of the Secretary of the Organism:

    Certificate issued by the Agency Secretary about the certificate owner/custodian appointment and about his/her office term. This certificate must be issued during the 10 days prior to the date it is sent to the ACCV.

  • Public Registry Certificate or Power of Attorney:

    Notary Power of Attorney or Certificate from the Public Registry in which the entity has been registered, relating to its constitution, legal personality and the administrator or legal representative appointment and validity of their position, issued during the 10 days prior to the date on which it is submitted to the ACCV.

  • Certificate of appointment:

    Power of attorney or Certificate of both President position and administrative organ appointment , with a written responsible statement for the entity President or Administrator regarding the validity of his/her office, issued during the 10 days prior to the date of presentation of the certificate at the ACCV.

  • Documentation or other certification that establishes the entity legal statutes:

    Documentation that proves the entity constitution and validity, as well as the owner/custodian legal capacity of representation.

Entity Data

Owner (Representative of the entity)

It will be the person who can later download the certificate. You must have the legal and complete capacity to represent the entity.

Contact person and delivery postal address

It is the person who completes the form and is in charge of processing the application (may not coincide with the owner/custodian of the digital certificate). It will be the person with whom the ACCV will contact in the event of an incident.


The invoice will be issued to :

Invoice data