Registration of representatives

Acting on behalf of third parties in electronic administrative procedures.

What it consists of and what it is used for

It is an electronic register that allows a third party to act on behalf of the interested party in an online procedure.

It is only used for procedures enabled by the affiliated public bodies and entities.

That is, it allows you to conveniently delegate transactions to third parties only with your personal certificate. Without having to generate notarial or judicial powers, or other documentation.

What benefits does it have for you?

  • Save time on paperwork
  • Avoid travel
  • Draw unnecessary expenses

Who can use this service

On the one hand, citizens and entities may use the Register of Representatives and authorize third parties to act on their behalf in the face of the procedures and public administrations that consult our service. Access to the Register of Representatives in this case is by means of a digital certificate accepted by the @firma platform that identifies the natural or legal person who acts as represented.

On the other hand, third parties who have been registered to act on behalf of the interested party may also access the Register of Representatives with their own certificate to consult which authorizations are enabled.

Finally, administrations and other public entities can use this service to implement electronic representation in their procedures in a convenient and simple way. For more information on this case, contact us.

What kind of representations can be given

Both the interested party and the third party acting on their behalf may be natural or legal persons.

The authorization will have a period of validity, after which it will expire. It will have to be redefined if necessary by the interested party.

It will also be possible to indicate the type of representation (total or only for some procedures / administrations).

What benefits does it have for you?

  • Save time
  • Processing managed by third parties of your choice
  • Convenience and delegation of responsibility or obligation

How to use our Register of Representatives

The most common will be to contact our Register of Representatives as represented. In other words that is:


Authorize another

Access our service with your digital certificate and authorize anyone you wish to act on your behalf. You will define the term and type of representation (total or only for some procedures / administrations).


Acts instead of you

From now on, the third party you have enabled will be able to act on your behalf within the scope you have allowed. To do this, the usual thing is for him to go through the procedure and identify himself with his own certificate, but indicating that he is acting on your behalf.

Information that could be useful

These are some of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us.

I registered an authorization, but it doesn’t work.

First of all, it is very important that you make sure that the procedure uses our Register of Representatives. If it does not consult it, the authorization will have no effect. If you doubt it, ask for the procedure.

Second, check that you have correctly identified the person concerned and the third party. The identification of legal persons is sometimes confused. Representation as a natural person instead of a legal entity is registered. Remember that to act as a legal entity you need a certificate from Entity Representative accepted by @firma.

I can’t access. It tells me it needs Autofirma.

Autofirma is a signature application developed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. You need it to be able to identify yourself and sign in the Register of Representatives. But it will also be useful to have it because it is a technical requirement for many procedures.

You can download Autofirma from here .

Incidents with Autofirma must be dealt with with its own support.

I received an email saying that an authorization has expired. What do I do?

Authorizations have a validity period. When an authorization expires, it is notified by e-mail.

If an authorization has expired and should remain active, all you have to do is log in and register again .

I want to act on behalf of a third party. How do I do that?

You must ask that person to identify themselves with their certificate accepted by @firma in the Register of Representatives, and authorize you to do so.

How do I download a receipt for an active authorization?

When you consult the information of a valid authorization, you will notice a button that allows you to download a PDF receipt.

This is a purely informative document, without administrative validity. To verify that the authorization is set correctly.

I enabled a person I no longer want to represent me.

By accessing the Register of Representatives with your certificate, you can revoke any current authorization and it will immediately cease to be valid.

Can I, as a public employee, manually consult the authorizations of those interested in my procedures?

Registration of representatives really makes sense when the consultation is carried out automatically by a processing platform. It is not intended for manual consultation once processing has begun.