Your Personal Certification Services Area (APSC)

With Generation Code

Do you already have the generation code?

Use the code to download your certificate and access it with your APSC

This code is 10 characters long and has been sent to you by SMS at the phone number you gave at your Registration Point (PRU) or to your Corporate Manager (GESCO). You have 15 calendar days to use it and download your certificate, with the extension *.p12 or *.pfx

Once generated, you will be able to identify with it in your Personal Area (APSC) and manage it.

Your certificate is valid for 3 years and you can renew it online at your APSC before it expires.

Use your code and download certificate


Don’t have a digital certificate yet?

Having a digital certificate has many benefits for you and with ACCV you can achieve it. Here’s how to do it.

Obtain a certificate