Your certificate

Choose the certificate that best suits your needs.

Citizens and freelancers

When you need to act on your behalf as a natural or self-employed person, in digital environments. With full legal validity.

What can we offer you?

  • Save time on paperwork with your digital certificate
  • Avoid travel
  • Sign digitally


Our qualified certificates are legally recognized at European level. For acting on behalf of your organization, or acting on digitized internal processes.

What benefits does it have for you?

  • Proceeds of affiliation and termination of employment
  • Manage Online Tax Return
  • Present invoices
  • Digitize your business processes
  • Secure your communications

Public administration

For the security of the communications and processes of the Administration, as well as for the administrative action when it is not automated and it is the worker who acts under his competitions. These are qualified certificates with legal recognition throughout Europe.

What benefits does it have for you?

  • Proceeds with other Administrations
  • Identify and sign in to administrative processes
  • Protect the identity of your employees

Non-personal certificates

If you are looking for digital security in your work environment, public or private, you may also be interested in the following non-personal certificates. The most prominent are Electronic Headquarters, Organ Seal, TLS / SSL and Application.


Securely identifies your page or server on the Internet

With our e-headquarters or TLS / SSL certificates, you guarantee a secure connection to your organization’s headquarters or website.


Automate procedures

Our Organ Seal certificates allow automated administrative action in the public sector. Its private equivalent is Application Certificates.



Our Application Certificates will allow you to manage your paperwork through the platform Joc-er/Prohibits.