Public Administration

Public employee under pseudonym certificate

By means of an alias, it anonymizes the identity of a natural person, linked to a Public Administration, in the exercise of their professional competences.

Obtain public employee under pseudonym certificate

To access the Frontal Batch application platform, your body must be registered and have a GESCO enabled. If it is not, fill in the registration form and send it to, so that we can give you access.

Apply for registrarion Frontal Batch

Obtain public employee under pseudonym certificate

Before accessing the front end, please keep the following in mind

  • 1

    For Corporate Managers only (GESCO).

  • You must be registered as a GESCO to have access. This is a different role from the Registration Point (PRU) Operator. Although the same person can accumulate both roles, they are requested separately.
  • 2

    You must identify yourself with your digital certificate.

  • The front end only accepts personal certificates issued by the ACCV or DNIe. It does not recognize certificates from other providers.
  • 3

    Read the manual if you have any question.

  • The manual has an index with the main actions you can take on the front end. Use it to go directly to the steps you need.

What is the Public employee under pseudonym certificate?

It hides behind an alias the real identity, allowing its holder to sign digitally without showing data such as their NIF, or their name and surname. Please note that the e-mail is a public piece of data in the certificate and, as a result, it is necessary to provide an account that does not track the personal data of its owner.

It is a digital accreditation that protects the real identity of the holder when necessary (police, health inspectors, etc.). Not being able to be used when the real identity really needs to be known. For example, when the employee is internally related to another Administration. For these cases, a conventional Public Employee certificate will be used.

What is the Public employee under pseudonym certificate for?

If you work for a Public Administration and need to protect your identity, pseudonym certificates will help you in your purpose.

You will be identified with an alias, within your professional competencies, thus avoiding showing your personal data (NIF, name and surnames), protecting you in the legality and validity of these certificates.

What other benefits does it bring you?

  • Sign fines, sensitive reports, etc. and protect your identity
  • Secure your communications

Who can apply for this type of certificate

The Public employee under pseudonym certificate can only be requested by a Corporate Manager (GESCO) of the organization, through our platform Frontal Batch.

If your body does not have a GESCO enabled in this environment, send the registration form to duly completed and digitally signed by the company. Validate before signing the document

A GESCO is a person who the organization appoints to act as a contact against of us and have the possibility to request new issues, renewals and revocations of Public employee under pseudonym certificates for this Administration.

What type of certificate can you apply for?

We issue them in software or card format. And if you need it, you can order both.


  • More economical and versatile
  • Also use it on tablets and smartphones
  • You can make copies of the certificate
  • Generates advanced electronic signature

Cryptographic card

  • Safer
  • Protected by a PIN and a PUK
  • Needs card reader
  • Only on computers
  • The certificate does not come out of the card
  • Generates a qualified electronic signature

Information that could be useful

These are some of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us.

How much does it cost?

Write to us at to find out the price of these certificates.

Can I act on behalf of my body with this certificate?

No. For this you have the certificate of Entity Representative.

I want to apply for this certificate. What do I do?

First of all, your body must be registered in our application environment, Frontal Batch.

To do this, you must send the duly completed registration form at The document must be digitally signed, both by a representative of the body and by the Corporate Manager (GESCO).

Before sending the registration, confirm that the signatures are valid. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

I’m already registered for Frontal Batch. How do I request the certificate?

Your GESCO must be identified on the Frontal Batch with his personal ACCV certificate, or with his electronic ID .

It has the different application options indicated in the Frontal Batch manual.

What is the status of my order

Your GESCO can check the status of each order by identifying himself on the Frontal Batch with his personal ACCV certificate, or with his electronic ID.

A Public Employee with a pseudonym certificate leaves my organization. What do I do with his certificate?

Your GESCO must be identified on the Frontal Batch with his personal ACCV certificate, or with his electronic ID.

There he can request the revocation of the certificate as explained in the Frontal Batch manual.

I receive an email stating that data is missing from my application.

Whenever you request certificates from Public employee under pseudonym to be issued by the ACCV in its facilities, you must provide the data of the holders. If you receive this e-mail it is because you have a request where this data is missing.

Your GESCO can complete this data by identifying himself in the Frontal Batch with his personal ACCV certificate, or with his electronic ID.

Why, if they are anonymous, provide data to the ACCV?

The ACCV maintains the relationship between the nickname on the certificate and the actual data associated with that nickname. That’s why.