What to do when you are OPRU.

What is the Operator Portal

As an operator of your Registration Point (OPRU) you will be able to manage the certificates of your body and, if you wish, also of citizens and companies.

You will have access to all the tools you need to carry out this work , which will be located on our Operator Portal.

If you need technical support, register or unsubscribe from other OPRUs of your body, change the form of access, etc. .. you can manage it through this portal.

How to apply for a PRU

  1. Contact

Contact opru@accv.es indicating that your body wants to provide our certification service. Remember that it must be a public body.

  1. Documentation

We will respond to you with the conditions that you must meet and, if you agree, we will ask you to fill in some documentation.

  1. Training

After the documentation, training will be given to those people who work as operators in the body’s PRU.

  1. Issue certificates

Finally, you can provide our certification services in your body, as a Registration Point.

Who can access the Operator Portal

Only if you are an OPRU, you will have access to the Operator Portal. From this platform you will be able to access the application for issuing certificates, the registration and termination form for other OPRUs of your body, the technical support for operators, etc.

If your body is not yet a Registration Point (PRU), but wants to provide this service, contact us.

Information that could be useful

These are some of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us.

How much does it cost?

The installation of the PRU, as well as training and support is free. Issuance of Citizen Certificates is also free.

All you have to pay will be the Public Employee and Entity Representative certificates, if you request them. However, if your organization provides citizen services, you will ** get a 15% discount ** on payment certificates.

Is it mandatory to provide attention to citizens?

No. You can be a PRU only to issue certificates for your body.

However, if your organization offers service to citizens, ** you will get a 15% discount ** for payment certificates.

If my PRU serves citizens, can I define my opening hours?

Yes. Each body decides its opening hours and whether or not it provides the service by appointment.

Do I have to answer the issues of the citizens?

No. For the consultations of the citizens and companies there is our service of support.