Entity representative certificate

When you have the legal capacity to represent your organization and need to act on its behalf by electronic means.

Obtain the certificate of entity representative

Please note that renewal consists of applying for a new certificate.

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    You will be able to download the certificate in software by video identification or from your personal area (APSC).

  • If you opt for video identification, please refer to our manual before accessing.

    If you opt for APSC you will need a our personal certificate.

Obtain the certificate of entity representative

Before filling out the form, please read all the points and gather all the necessary information before you start

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    Determine and prepare documentation

  • Depending on the type of entity you are, you will need to provide one or another documentation. Make sure you have at hand information about the entity such as the CIF, Certificate of the Secretary of the Agency, Organic and Functional Regulations of the entity or Certificate of Public Registration, or quite a power of attorney.
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    Fill in and send the web form.

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    Make the payment for the certificate.

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    Once the application has been registered, the ACCV will review the documentation provided and verify its validity.

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    The deadline for the ACCV to verify the documentation provided and respond to the contact person with the resolution is from a few hours to a maximum of 5 working days, which may extend, exceptionally, to 30 calendar days in periods of high demand for this service.

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  • If we need to correct any information on your application, we will contact you via the e-mail account you have provided on the form. If the period of 30 calendar days has elapsed without a response to the first notification you receive, it will be understood that you have given up on your application and it will be resolved without the right to a refund or any reimbursement.
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    The ACCV will respond by e-mail to the contact person, enclosing the corresponding invoice and confirming that the holder / custodian can now proceed to download the Certificate of Representative in software support.

  • 8

    From the moment the ACCV confirms that it is possible to download the certificate, it will have a period of 60 calendar days to do so.

Obtain the entity representative certificate

What is the entity representative certificate?

It is a digital accreditation that can be used to securely identify and express will, consent or authorship. Just as we would in the real world using our handwritten signature and legal documents, but by electronic means.

Specifically, entity representative certificates identify a natural person as a representative of a legal entity. To do this, the holder must have the legal capacity to act in full on behalf of that entity.

It is valid for 30 months.

What is the Entity Representative certificate for?

With this type of certificate, you can identify yourself and sign in digital environments, both in your name and in the name of the entity you represent and listed on the certificate.

They do not allow to limit the capacity of representation in a percentage or in only some scopes. Complementary solutions such as the Register of Representatives must be used for these cases.

What benefits does it have for you?

  • Labor and other procedures with the TGSS
  • Tax return, notifications, and other procedures with the AEAT
  • Submission of invoices

What type of certificate can you apply for?

We issue them in software or card format. And if you need it, you can order both.


  • More economical and versatile
  • Also use it on tablets and smartphones
  • You can make copies of the certificate
  • Generates advanced electronic signature

Cryptographic card

  • Safer
  • Protected by a PIN and a PUK
  • Needs card reader
  • Only on computers
  • The certificate does not come out of the card
  • Generates a qualified electronic signature

Information that could be useful

These are some of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us.

How much does it cost?

The certificate of entity representative costs in support software € 33.88 , while in card € 55.55 (VAT and shipping included).

Payment methods

Payment will only be made by credit / debit card.

I can’t pay by card. What do I do?

The only means of payment is by credit / debit card.

I want to apply for a joint venture.

We are talking about the case in which the holder does not have the legal and complete capacity to act on behalf of the entity. Apply and you will be asked for additional documentation, if applicable. Do not you worry.

I want to apply for a foreign entity.

You can obtain it as long as the holder has a NIF / NIE and the entity has a CIF. In addition, you must comply with the identification requirements according to the certificate support: personal certificate of the ACCV or DNI-e for software, face-to-face identification in a PRU for card.

* How do I download the certificate in software support?

We will notify you by e-mail that the certificate download is available. The holder must have a citizen certificate issued by the ACCV, or functional DNI-e. It will be identified in his Personal Area (APSC) and will download the certificate of representative, following the indications of the manual.

I want it in software support, but I don’t have an ACCV certificate.

You have requested the certificate of entity representative in software support and we have notified you for its download, but you do not have a personal certificate of the ACCV, to connect. You can get your free ACCV certificate in one PRU. Or you can identify yourself with your ID. You can activate this at any DNI issuing office.

I can’t remember my certificate PIN in software support.

The PIN is generated by the holder at the time of download and we do not know it at any time. If you do not have a copy of your certificate, you will need to request a new one and pay the cost.

How do I install my card certificate?

We will send you the empty card and the holder must go to a Registration Point (PRU), to load the certificate on it. Once loaded, follow ours installation guides.

I had 60 days to generate the certificate and I didn’t. Now what?

The ACCV notified you more than 60 days ago that you could generate your entity representative certificate, in software or on a card, and you did not. There is no solution for this and you have to apply for a new certificate, as well as pay the cost.

I can’t remember my PIN on my card or I blocked it.

The PIN and PUK are generated in the first issue of the card and are included in the Certification Agreement, although you can change them later. You can go to a PRU to unlock your card PIN, if you haven’t changed your PUK. You can also follow this manual, to unlock it on your computer.

I blocked the PUK on my card.

Your card has become unusable and you need to purchase a new one. This is a security measure and cannot be compromised.

Where can I find a Registration Point(PRU)?

The list of our PRUs can be found here.

How do I identify myself in a PRU?

The main documents that allow you to identify yourself are a DNI, NIE, a Spanish driving license or a valid Spanish passport. If your case is different, please read the information detailed in this document.

I can’t go to the PRU. What do I do?

Another person may appear on your behalf if you provide a power of attorney or a specific clause in a power of attorney, which expressly authorizes him to obtain the digital certificate in your name. He must provide your personal information and accept the terms of the contract on your behalf. You have a model of clause here.

My certificate will expire. How do you renew it?

Renewal involves requesting a new one from the beginning.

I want to cancel my certificate. How to revoke it?

You can cancel your certificate by calling us at 963 866 014. Or use another of the options described on this page. Remember, revocation cannot be undone.